The Wife Cones

The Wife Cones


These premium CBD cones are rolled with nothing but trimmed The Wife flower and shipped to you in zero waste packaging. Only glass, cork, paper and flower. Two cones per order!


Tasting Notes:

Sweet cherry high notes and a warm, sooth taste will lull you into comfort with The Wife. Our personal favorite strain to date, this terpine rich and well-cured flower is everything you look for in quality CBD.


Premium hemp flower grown in our Garden State greehouses with all organic inputs.


    All-organic input, hand trimmed and carefully dried and cured, smokable CBD hemp flower.


    We're happy to remedy and issues you may have, please contact us for details.


    We ship to any state with approved hemp regulations via USPS. We do not currently sell or ship to: HawaiiIdaho, Iowa, Mississippi, New Hampshire, or South Dakota. Sorry for any inconvenience this may pose.