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Our Strains

Our Strains:
Premium hemp flower grown in the Garden State with all organic inputs.

At Freestone Farms, we organically cultivate the following strains:


A Colorado original and a strain Freestone has grown for years, The Wife boasts an exceptional Myrcene content bursting with a deep floral and cheesy aroma that makes it a perfect all-around strain for eveyday use. Or personal favorite strain to date (pun intended), this terpene rich and well-cured flower is everything you look for in quality CBD



All new genetics from our breeder friends at The Hemp Mine in South Caroilna, we are proud to show off this exceptional strain for the first time on the planet. Covered in bright pink hairs during flowering and sporting a tropical terpene profile reminiscent of Juicy Fruit gum, we couldn’t resist growing this variety to its fullest. Great for an end of day smoke with its pronounced calming effect or for those restless sleepers that can’t seem to get through the night without getting out of bed.


Originally bred in Israel, this cultivar is exceptionally adaptable and took extremely well to our sandy loam soil. Boasting a CBD content of 21%, this is potent flower, but thanks to its Sativa steeped genetics it produces a remarkably clear feeling perfect for daytime pain relief. Its terpene profile is packed with Limonene, giving it a bright, citrusy nose to round out its pine-forest-after-rain notes.



Another Colorado original, BaOx cultivars have been on our radar since we've started farming thanks to its Hindu Kush and Otto II parentage. This year we were able to source some of the best BaOx clones on the market and grew an absolutely superstar crop topping 24% CBD — the highest we have ever seen or heard of, even when compared to indoor CBD. In fact, at almost 32% total cannabinoids, this strain rivals the best indoor medical strains in the country in a total cannabinoid to THC comparison. Our most potent smoke, expect a powerful calming effect perfect for when you could really use a break. Its smoke invokes warm baked goods with earthy, hoppy notes, very reminiscent to its progenitor, Hindu Kush.

One of the longest cultivated varieties of CBD, its secret genetic background is said to be a descendant of OG Kush and Purple Afghani, something that is clear to see in the hues of purple, red, and orange in its flowers. Adorned with dense and glossy nugs, its high-terpene flavor profile is a balance of earthy tones and real cherries grown to perfection on an organic farm. A great strain for pain management and those looking for an Indica dominant strain without the couch-lock.

Another strain in the Cherry family, Cherry Citrus exhibits a stronger citrus profile and matching orange colored hairs when it’s in flower. This is a balanced cultivar that has good relaxation benefits with mood elevation properties and is a hybrid, unlike the Indica sisters mainly found in its family. Its smoke is hop forward with notes of orange peaking tea. Don’t let its position at the bottom of our list of potency fool you, it still contains 15% CBD, which is very high, especially compared to the average 10-12% usually seen on the market.


This year we noticed a pronounced effect the cold weather had on some of our Cherry Cherry crop — turning it deep shades of purple flecked with orange hairs, thanks to its Purple Afghani genetic line. Initially we had thought perhaps it was a mix-up, but upon testing and deeper examination of the bud structures we realized we likely had a separate phenotype of the Cherry Cherry on our hands. During harvest we pulled them separately to preserve the unique aspects of the phenotype and to show off its deep purple color — which led to our nickname for it, Purple Reign. Slightly more potent than our Cherry Cherry, it is similarly good for pain management, but thanks to the different phenotype, you'll find more spicy basil notes and less wood.

Blue Cheese - Lavender - Pine

Tropical - Pineapple - Juicy Fruit

Orange - Earth - Pine

Hops - Cinnamon - Basil

Cherry - Wood - Earth

Hops - Cherry - Orange


The Wife

Super CBD


Cherry Cherry

Cherry Citrus

Purple Reign

the wife -nobg -edit -nosat.png
belle -nobg -brighten -g-y-c -14-5-7.png
super cbd -no bg -brighten -green 5.png
baox -trans -noedit.png
cherry cherry -no bg.png
cherry citrus -nobg -brighten -sat yel 17.png
purple reign -no bg -edit -sat mag 7.png

Cherry - Basil- Earth


Disclaimer: All products on this website contain .3% THC or less. No statement in this web site has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Furthermore, none of the statements in this web site should be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure of diseases. Products sold by Freestone Farms are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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