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Tim – Hailing from Cypress Creek Construction, our Chief Construction Officer, Tim, has taken a pole barn from a long-defunct peach processing dating back to the 1930’s and turned it into a state-of-the-art growing facility, complete with commercial power, water, filtration, drainage and climate controlled nursery.  He has extensive experience with heavy machinery of all types and is an arboriculture, building construction, plumbing, and electrical specialist.

The Crop.

Grown expertly, Grown Locally.


The Team.

Work hard, Work smart.

Ahram – Holding a degree in Construction Management from Drexel University, Yoon as he's known to us, brings managerial experience from his roles at the FMC Tower Project, CHOP Buerger Care Center and the Sanofi Pharmaceutical Flu Vaccine Project. He has served in the armed forces as an airborne infantry scout bringing his experience to bear in two sniper sections. His expert managerial skill, logistical ability and eye for meticulous bookkeeping has kept the project on track and allowed us to accomplish a years worth of tasks in a fraction of the time.

For the first time in over 100 years, hemp flower cultivation is now permitted in the great state of New Jersey, the Garden State, and Freestone Farms secured one of its first official licenses. It began with the restoration and conversion of a century- old peach processing plant inside of a pole barn into a state of the art indoor growing facility, complete with a propagation chamber and in-house hemp processing. From there it grew to encompass more than 10 acres, with greenhouses, outdoor acreage and an extraction lab planned for the near future. With the latest in West Coast farming techniques we aim to produce the highest quality flower possible, striving to do so with all organic inputs, artisan well water and and most importantly, well-practiced hands.

Gabe – With a J.D. from Rutgers University, Gabe not only researched and designed our facilities, but also helped to navigate the burgeoning legal structure surrounding CBD flower cultivation that made Freestone Farms possible.  In addition to working on several medical cannabis farms in the Pacific Northwest, Gabe has been an avid gardener and horticultural researcher for over a decade.


Dean – A lifelong, fourth-generation farmer, Dean has worked the lands in and around Cumberland County for more than 40 years. He currently cultivates over 700 acres, operates a commercial fertilizer and seed business and his experience with farming equipment, pest and nutritional deficiency is invaluable to the team.

Stout Bud.HEIC

Maxine – An environmental horticulture major currently in her senior year at the University of Maryland, Maxine was part of the Arcadia Veteran to Farmer Program and has broad, sustainable organic farming experience working for a CSA, including tilling, irrigation, fertilizing, pruning, and harvesting of vegetable crops, in addition to the creation of compost, beekeeping and vermiculture.  Maxine is also a veteran of the armed forces and brings another disciplined, keen eye to the team. 

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